Employer Branding

Employment branding is about creating, communicating and managing an attractive, distinctive and authentic employer image, with both current and potential employees. It has to say something about who you are as an employer, what the organisation delivers to the employees and how the organisation does that. The' brand' must generate a positive emotion among the right candidates. Most companies are aware that this is important, but the move towards developing a good employer brand is proving difficult in practice. It requires good cooperation between various disciplines in a company, such as Human Resources, Corporate communication, marketing and strategy.

Employment branding is a multidisciplinary playing field. All employees, management and the CEO also play an important role in shaping the brand. It is about' living the brand'. Everyone plays a role. The promises of the brand will have to be fulfilled in practice. Employment branding is important for both large and small companies. Especially when a company is looking for scarce availability of qualified personnel, it is important to be well regarded as an employer of choice.

Han van der Pool can advise and inform your organisation about Employer branding, making your organisation a more attractive employer for talented employees.