Talent Management

Talent management is an important point of interest within organizations. The aim is not only to develop high potentials and critical roles, but even more about realizing all the talent within the organization.

The goal of talent management is to fit in personnel planning with the organization’s strategy. A good talent management strategy supports your organization in indentifying, developing and retaining the talents of employees that are essential to the corporate process. Hereby, both training and development (HRD) and Performance Management (HR) are leading. Both are aimed at motivating the employees to use their talents for the improvement of the organization’s performance.

Han van der Pool has ample experience in co-creating leadership development programs in cooperation with universities, in shaping and executing internal leadership training programs and in coaching. He facilitates the entire process with the goal to actually use the learned skills in practice, while the manager supports the entire process and the developments also fit in with the organizational structure. Dependent of your wants and needs, you can work face to face with your coach or (partly) through internet.